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Embed a video-first shopping experience on your website

Upload your brand videos, sync them with your website and convert exponentially more customers. It's that easy.

Evolve your e-commerce experience with zero performance impact. It just works.

Holofy Products is a video-first shopping experience platform designed for the mobile generation. It integrates with your existing website and streams your brand content contextually across its pages. Your shoppers can navigate your entire inventory in video form and buy products on the spot.

A Video-First Shopping experience

Holofy Products works by embedding a video layer on your website through which customers can experience your brand, discover your products and shop on the go. It uses best in class streaming technology and content sorting algorithms.

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On Your Website

Compatible with 99% of website platforms or custom-built websites, Holofy Products embeds on your existing pages and syncs content contextually. It has zero performance impact, it does not break the layout or existing features. It just works.

With a Dedicated CMS

Holofy Products natively integrates your existing workflow and your team. The dedicated CMS makes publishing thousands of videos across thousands of products possible at a mind-bending scale.

And Next Level Analytics

And because data-driven decisions are the best kind of decisions, we give insights into your customer's behaviour without using cookies, sketchy tracking techniques, and we are fully GDPR compliant.

Holofy Products - Video Commerce Platform | Product Hunt

Install within minutes on any website

Holofy Products integrates seamlessly with your existing website without slowing it down, breaking its layout, or requiring development time.

Holofy Products - Video Commerce Platform | Product Hunt

Sync content with your inventory and cross sell automatically

The cross-selling experience makes each product video an entry point to your entire inventory, dramatically increasing discoverability.


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Holofy's artificial intelligence engine constantly learns what your customers engage with the most and automatically surfaces the best content to achieve maximum conversions.

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Convert your viewers into customers on the spot

 ( BETA )
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With integrated checkouts, your viewers can purchase or add to cart products driving conversions up to 2x over static content.

Upload, manage and publish videos using a CMS system built for scale

Just drop your product videos

Holofy works with your existing content regardless of its file size, screen ratio or length. It's as simple as drag and drop.

Group, order, and publish them instantly

The CMS dashboard makes managing thousands of products, with thousands of videos across hundreds of pages a breeze.

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Measure macro and micro performance down to every video of every product

Our cookie-less analytics extract cohort or unique visitor metrics to measure content, product, or inventory performance 24/7.

*CMS App included in the plan

CTA click rates

Traffic Sources

Retention Rates

Engagement Timeline

Product Ranking

Impression Tracking

Video Ranking

Conversion Rates

A / B Testing ( BETA ) 

Our customers say it best

Sam Bradley

CMO & co-founder at Lick Home

By simply re-using our social media assets, our conversion rate in the first month using Holofy Products doubled.




Higher Engagement


Bounce Rate



Starting $49/month*
14 Days Free

* Plan includes 800 impressions. ONE PLAN scales with you, to be paid monthly based on the number of users engaged.

Team Collaboration
Hashtag Navigation
Zero load impact website integration
CMS Dashboard
Multiple Video Stories for each Product
Advanced Analytics
Cross-Selling Algorithm

How do we compare


✅ Web Embeddable
✅ Team Integration
✅ Video Stories
✅ Contextual Content
✅ Instant Publishing
✅ Checkout Integration
✅ Vertical Video Ready
✅ Cross Selling Experience


✅ Web Embeddable
✅ Team Integration
❌ Video Stories
❌ Contextual Content
❌ Instant Publishing
❌ Checkout Integration
❌ Vertical Video Ready
❌ Cross Selling Experience


✅ Web Embeddable
✅ Team Integration
❌ Video Stories
❌ Contextual Content
❌ Instant Publishing
❌ Checkout Integration
❌ Vertical Video Ready
❌ Cross Selling Experience


Does Holofy provide any content services?

You provide content, we provide the Software

Holofy does NOT provide any content services whatsoever, only the software needed to embed content on your website, the video shopping experience and data analytics associated with it.

Will my website support Holofy Products?

Full Web Compatibility

Holofy Products works on all web platforms ( wix, squarespace, webflow, wordpress, godaddy etc. ) is compatible with custom designed websites and only takes minutes to install. It does not slow down the website, affect in any way its layout, or functionality.

What video formats and file formats is it compatible with?

Video Format Compatibility

Holofy Products supports MP4 and MOV filetypes, up to 2GB per video file uploaded, and automatically compresses & crops every video file to fit a 9:16 screens ratio ( vertical ).

Can I integrate Holofy into my CMS

API integration available

We have built Holofy Products with deep integrations in mind. Our product has open API's that can link with any legacy system, and it comes as an optional feature into our enterprise plan.